About Here is a creative studio and YouTube channel dedicated to helping people understand their cities and how they work. Through its stories, About Here explores the big and small challenges facing cities and the interesting and often unexpected solutions to address them. Since 2018, About Here has produced educational videos on key urban planning topics with partners such as the CBC, the City of Vancouver, the City of Toronto, and Vancity Credit Union. These videos have been viewed millions of times by audiences around the world, inspiring curiosity and debate about the issues facing our cities.

Uytae Lee, Host and Founder

Uytae Lee is an urban planner and videographer with a passion for sharing stories about our cities. He began his career almost a decade ago in Halifax where he founded ‘Planifax’, a non-profit dedicated to engaging the public on urban planning issues through video. Today, Uytae lives in Vancouver where his bulgogi recipe is rumoured to be the best in the city.

Alanna Smith, Co-Writer

Alanna Smith is a communications pro with almost a decade of professional writing and editing experience. At About Here, she works with Uytae behind-the-scenes to develop story ideas into engaging video scripts. Her bulgogi recipe is not rumoured to be the best in the city.


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